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The AE Experience

Athlete Evolution LLC is the realization of Dr. John Thomas. His philosophy on fitness and his years of experience as a chiropractor and exercise physiologist led him to form a health and performance center where the individual is important and clients experience real results while exercising in a positive, safe environment.  We offer specialized personal training in athletic performance and conditioning, injury prevention, balance and stability training, and postural correction. 

Athlete Evolution has transformed beyond fitness to a full lifestyle studio through the culmination of professional expertise with partner and wife Dr. Shoma Datta - Thomas. She is a Johns Hopkins trained board-certified aesthetic gynecologist with fellowship specialization in advanced minimally invasive surgery. Together, they tailor treatment to the individual client's health, wellness and aesthetic needs - you as a mother, a father, a professional, an athlete etc.  This consists of a combination of training and medical grade wellness therapies and noninvasive devices.  All aesthetic device treatments are performed by Dr. Datta. 

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